To make, use of education for empowering young generation for a proactive and meaningful participation in all decision making and developmental activities of society.
Vivekanand Siksha Avam Seva Samiti planned to establish a college with the facility of giving guidance, and kind observance of the established, educationist of Bhopal with the objects.

1. To provide quality educational opportunities to young generation in order to prepare them for a constructive role in the knowledge society.

2. To Provide an enabling environment for the development of their personalities to nurture confidence, spirit of inquiry and research.

All the programmes of the college aim to conscientizing student to prepare them for exercising their rights to equality and dignity as productive members of society.
The declining utility of traditional educational streams has led to an increasing emphasis on the vocational courses of study.
Choice of such vocational subjects enables students to seek self employment options as well as employment opportunities in the government and private sectors too .

Swapnil Verma
Founder & Secretary
Managing Committee
Chairman, Managing Committee