1. Read the prospectus carefully before admission.
  2. The application form should be filled by the student him/herself.
  3. Passport size photographs must be attached with the application form.
  4. While submitting the form in the office (by hand or post) the first term fee must be paid in cash or D.D. (This fee is non-refundable in any circumstances).


  1. Due to limited number of seats availble in each class. The admission shall be completed immediately after the declaration of the result of the qualifying examination.
  2. When admission is granted the prescribe fees for the first term(See the table of fees) should be remitted to the college office immediately in cash or D.D. (Cheque will not be accepted).


The code of conduct shall be applicable to all students of SRC Bhopal. The students are expected to maintain a high standard of discipline. Students must confirm the college rules and follow them.

  1. Education is the main objective of this college and this is the primary purpose for which students are admitted.
  2. The observance of rules of discipline and good behaviour shall be an essential condition to all the students for continuance in the college.
  3. Attendance in all the lectures is compulsory. As per Board Of Secondary Education rules, each student should at least have 75% attendance in each subject to be able to appear in the annual Board Of Secondary Education exam.
  4. The college conducts internal periodically in different subjects. Every student is require to appear in these tests.
  5. The students shall be responsible for all books and apparatus etc. issued to them .
  6. Sports and cultural activities are as important as studies. The students are expected to participate in them.
  7. Any political activity is not permitted in the college campus. Students having any problem in the college campus should consult the Principal only.
  8. Damages to any property of the college shall make one as defaulting student.
  9. Ignorance of any rule of regulation will not be accepted as an excuse for it particularly irresponsible behaviour of any student.
  10. Consumption of any intoxicating agent and smoking is totally prohibited in the college campus.
  11. Student ought to develop a sense of responsibility, self discipline, punctuality and a sense of belongingness to the college.
  12. A student behaviour ought to be so correct that parents and public might approve the system.
  13. Students must bear such sober cloths which are seems to be good in high moral society.